AFN National Chief Bellegarde says Nanos numbers show majority of Canadians see addressing First Nations concerns as a priority, even during a pandemic

Published: Sep 07, 2020News

(Ottawa, ON) – Today, the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is releasing a Nanos poll that shows support for the direction of the AFN’s advocacy and that Canadians give First Nations issues high priority, including supporting improvements in social and economic outcomes. AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde is encouraged by the poll’s numbers.

“These figures prove that most Canadians understand that First Nations need better infrastructure and services to build healthier families; that more resources are needed to better link First Nations to Canada’s economy; and that the United Nations’ Declaration on Indigenous Peoples presents a path towards a better relationship. Almost 80 per cent of Canadians polled say Governments must continue to move forward on First Nations issues because First Nations issues are also a priority for Canadians. This is incredibly encouraging,” said National Chief Bellegarde.

In April 2020, Nanos Research conducted polling for the AFN, surveying 1021 Canadians, 18 years of age or older through both telephone and online surveys. Canadians were asked their views on the relative importance of First Nations issues, and for opinions on the environment, languages, education, economic development, housing, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and lands and treaties.

In general, the figures show governments must continue to move forward on First Nations issues as First Nations issues are also a priority for Canadians. When asked, 79 per cent of Canadians support First Nations issues as a priority for Canada, this opinion was strong even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Canadians are twice as likely to say Canada is doing a better job at addressing Indigenous issues now, as compared to 2015.

For more information see the entire Nanos poll at: Nanos Poll

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