Working to close the infrastructure gap for all First Nations communities.

Our Work Explore the infrastructure needs of First Nations in Canada.

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) collaborated with industry experts and over 400 First Nations to co-develop a landmark report with Indigenous Services Canada titled “Closing the Infrastructure Gap by 2030: A Collaborative and Comprehensive Cost Estimate Identifying the Infrastructure Investment Needs of First Nations in Canada“.

This unique and groundbreaking report estimates the national capital and operational investments needed from the Government of Canada to fulfill its mandate to Close the First Nation Infrastructure Gap by 2030.

This is a crucial and urgent step towards achieving economic reconciliation between First Nations and the Government of Canada.

The lack of access to vital infrastructure, such as housing, education, healthcare, connectivity, and other essential services, has perpetuated deep-rooted inequality across First Nations communities. This disparity becomes even more apparent when comparing the housing and community infrastructure services consistently available to many Canadians.

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