Advocating in support of Indigenous 2SLGBTQ+ issues.

Our Work Promoting the voices of Two-Spirit First Nations, the most vulnerable Indigenous people.

Falling under the umbrella of LGBTQ2S+, Two-Spirit is a term that generally describes Indigenous people who have both masculine and feminine spirits. In addition, it can mean someone with same-sex attraction or whose gender is diverse. However, gender and sexual orientation are complex and can’t be generalized, and each Two-Spirit identity is unique. 

A dedicated AFN council for Two-Spirit affairs will help support the most vulnerable Indigenous people. The new council will most likely feature two representatives from each of the AFN’s areas.

The approximate suicide rate for Two-Spirit First Nations people is twice as high as those of heterosexual Indigenous people in Canada and the U.S. This mental health crisis is related to high rates of discrimination and prejudice. 

The council’s resolution is crucial for representation and having a voice when these groups of individuals have always been left out of the conversation. In addition, there is the possibility of reducing various burdens that indigenous folks face in Canada.

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