The Circle Digital Edition – Winter Issue 1/2020

Published: Feb 05, 2021News

(Ottawa, ON) – It’s been said many times throughout 2020, but this year has certainly been unprecedented. We’ve faced challenge after challenge globally, nationally and locally. From the devastating COVID-19 pandemic to the protests against systemic racism to the ongoing fight for our inherent and Treaty rights to be recognized and upheld, we have been asked to come up against many obstacles. And though it is difficult to see the positive from where we stand in the midst of these trials, there is much for us be proud of and to take pride in.

I see positivity in the way we have built and upheld community during this trying time. Nations have come together to support one another and ensure that we are all safe and well. Stories of people of all ages volunteering their time to care for their Elders through acts of kindness – from buying and delivering groceries and supplies to writing letters to stave off loneliness – show the true resilience and solidarity that we, as First Nations, are known for. Each act of giving back is an act of love that… (Click to read more)

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